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1. What is a foundry?

A foundry is a factory that melts down and casts various metals such as steel, bronze, and iron into molds.

2. What's the history of The Foundry?

The Foundry is a 19th Century building that housed The Albra Metal Foundry (their logo is still visible on the corner of the building at 9th Street and 43rd Avenue). By 1906, it was one of several steel foundries in the Long Island City area that catered to the needs of New York City's riverfront manufacturers. By the 1970's The Foundry was essentially an abandoned space, housing defunct vehicles and a mountain of debris. In 1982, the Du Val family purchased the property. The family restored and renovated the space to reflect its original industrial character and began hosting events in 2001. It is the only foundry in the area still standing today.

3. What's the capacity of The Foundry, Couryard, Terrace, and The Greenhouse?

The Foundry can accommodate up to 200 guests for cocktails or 125 guests for a dinner (this also includes the dance floor).

The Mezzanine, for dinner seating, approximately 80 guests can be seated on the ground floor (with dance floor area) and 32-45 guests upstairs on The Mezzanine.

The Courtyard can accommodate up to 165 guests for a dinner.

The Terrace, an elevated outdoor area to The Foundry, can accommodate 80-90 guests for cocktails.

The Greenhouse, and interior space adjacent to The Foundry, can accommodate 80 guests for a seated dinner or 120 for a ceremony, cocktails or dancing.

4. What's the maximum number of guests permitted?

The maximum capacity is 200 guests regardless of whether or not the additional areas are rented.

5. Can I see more photos of the space?

In addition to our photo albums, more photos can be found online at:

6. What's included with The Foundry rental?

With The Foundry, you are renting a 2,000 square foot raw space. You are required to bring in you're own rentals, caterers, and vendors provided that they are a licensed company. You can find a list of our preferred vendors and caterers here: The Courtyard, Greenhouse, and The Terrace are all additional spaces that can be rented only once you have rented The Foundry.

7. Who provides dinner tables, chairs, tablecloths, dishware, etc.?

Your caterer will coordinate the rental of all the necessary tables, chairs, dishware, glasses, etc. by contacting a rental company. It will be left up to you to choose what styles and colors you would like, but your caterer will be the person actually placing the order with the rental company. They will ensure that you get the right size, style, and number of items.

8. Can I use The Foundry's furniture for my event?

Yes. We have: (1) eight chocolate brown cushioned benches; (2) four round 36"x18" chocolate brown lounge tables; (3) a 6' black wood table; (4) two 5' steel bar tables; (5) 35 chairs; (6) six lounge tables (22"x22"x18"); (7) a 6' steel table; (8) a 7' bench.

9. Where does the ceremony take place?

The ceremony can take place in The Foundry, The Courtyard or The Greenhouse. When performed inside, most ceremonies take place in front of the courtyard doors. Ceremonies can be staged anywhere within the designated courtyard space.

10. Where does the cocktail hour take place?

The cocktail hour may be conducted inside The Foundry, The Courtyard, or on The Foundry Terrace (located adjacent to The Foundry via the mezzanine exit).

11. Where does dinner take place?

A seated or buffet dinner can take place inside The Foundry for up 125 guests. The Courtyard can be rented to accommodate up to 165 guests. If your guest number is 200 and you would like to stage a seated or buffet dinner, please ask The Foundry staff for options.

12. What can I put inside the archways?

The archways are commonly used for cocktail tables, lounge furniture, dinner tables, buffet stations, bars and/or your DJ/band.

13. What happens on The Mezzanine?

The Mezzanine can accommodate 32-45 guests for dinner or 80 guests for cocktails. It often features an additional bar. Your DJ or band may also set up there. We recommend no more than 80 guests on The Mezzanine at the same time.

14. What happens in The Courtyard?

The Courtyard can be used for a ceremony, cocktail hour or dinner. Dancing is not permitted.

15. Can I tent The Courtyard?

Yes. You are not required to tent The Courtyard, but if you wish to rent a tent The Foundry will coordinate the details for you with their exclusive tent vendor, Ace Party Rentals. Ace has custom-built their tents for our courtyard, guaranteeing a perfect fit.

16. I prefer to keep The Courtyard exposed, but I don't want to lose the space if it rains.

The Foundry can arrange for a tent to be on standby in case of inclement weather. Arrangements are typically made one to three months in advance of your event. Putting a tent on standby requires a non-refundable deposit. The deposit is one-third the tent rental fee. Once the deposit is received, standby status is confirmed. The Foundry will then call you 24-48 hours prior to the event to confirm if you would like the tent. If it turns out that you need the tent, the tent company will set it up and you can give The Foundry the balance due. If you decline the tent, the tent company will keep the deposit but you will not be
required to pay the full balance.

If you do not opt to put a tent on standby, you can decline The Courtyard up to 48 hours in advance of your event. The Courtyard's fee will be refunded in full provided that you give The Foundry 48 hours' notice.

17. Is air-conditioning and heating available in The Foundry?


18. Is air-conditioning and heating available in The Courtyard?

When it comes to heating there are a few options.

The Foundry also offers the rental of a fire pit for $350. The fire pit is a 4' wide copper basin that stands about a foot high and includes kindling, firewood and staff maintenance.

If a tent is used, heaters can be attached to warm the tent. In the warmer months, pedestal fans can be rented. Air-conditioned tents are available, but extremely expensive ($9,000-$13,000).

19. Who puts up the tents?

Ace Party Rentals is our exclusive tent vendor. Ace has custom-built their tents for our courtyard, guaranteeing a perfect fit.

20. How much do tents cost?

Rates for tents vary depending on a number of factors such as size, style, delivery and additional features like heaters or fans.

21. How do you separate The Courtyard space?

The Foundry uses a series of dark green waist-high dividers, much like ones you will see at sidewalk cafes, to create a clean, private space in The Courtyard. Photos of these dividers used during events can be found on our website.

22. Is The Courtyard cleaned prior to my event?


23. What's the noise situation in The Courtyard?

Part of the exclusive feel of The Courtyard comes from the fact there is little outside noise. There is some soft residual noise from The Queensboro Bridge overlooking The Courtyard, but it is quickly drowned out by activity in the space.

24. Can I use the plants in The Courtyard?

The plants are the property of our neighbor, Plant Specialists, a landscape design company. We are not permitted to move any of their items, but many clients will contact them directly and make arrangements to rent plants, trees or flowers for their event. For more information, please contact Diana at Plant Specialists. (718) 392-9404 or

25. When is the ivy in bloom?

The ivy begins to blossom around mid-April and will thrive well into October. At that point certain vines will begin to change colors, mostly yellow and some red. The leaves begin to thin and are usually gone by mid-November.

26. Can my vendors or I park our vehicles in The Courtyard?


27. What if I don't rent The Courtyard or The Terrace? Can my guests go out there?

They can't go out to The Courtyard or Terrace, but they can go out to the main entrance.

28. Is there a kitchen?

The Foundry has a 1,000-square-foot kitchen located on the ground level near the guest entrance. There is a separate loading entrance in the kitchen onto 9th Street, as well as separate courtyard access. The kitchen contains: (1) a
stovetop range and oven; (2) a convection oven; (3) an industrial refrigerator; (4) two residential refrigerators; (5) a cavity freezer; (6) four sinks; (7) a proofing oven; (8) stainless steel prep tables (9) mobile shelves; (10) four garbage cans.

29. Is the kitchen equipment working?

Yes. Our maintenance staff routinely checks all appliances between every event to ensure they are in satisfactory condition.

30. Can we have an outdoor grill?

An open-flame grill is permitted provided that it is used outside only.

31. Is there a dressing room?

Yes, we have a dressing room on The Mezzanine. The room includes a full-length mirror, makeup counter and wardrobe steamer.

32. Where do guests enter?

Guests enter the space through the large door on 9th Street.

33. How many bathrooms are there?

There are four bathrooms inside The Foundry. A handicap-accessible bathroom is located on the ground floor as well as a separate ladies' room (containing two stalls) and a men's room (also two stalls). There is also a unisex bathroom located on The Mezzanine.

34. Where's the dancing? Do I need to install a temporary dance floor?

The dancing takes place inside The Foundry. Due to private residences located on the property, we cannot permit dancing in the courtyard. Some venues require the installation of a temporary parquet dance floor. We do not.

35. Am I required to hold the ceremony here as well as the reception? Will this affect pricing?

Most of our clients do tend to hold their wedding ceremonies here as well as their reception, but you are not required to do so. Pricing will not be affected.

36. Do I need to provide insurance for my event? How do I get it?

Like any other raw space facility, we require a certificate of insurance that covers general liability. If alcohol is being served, liquor liability must also be included. Your caterer will often provide this certificate. You can also acquire one at or

37. Am I required to use the vendors on your recommended list? How much do these vendors charge for their services?

No. You may hire any professional caterer, florist, DJ, etc. The only exclusive vendor at The Foundry is our tent rental company, Ace Party Rentals, and Broaway Famous for tables, chairs, linens, etc.. We strongly suggest contacting the vendors to obtain the most accurate pricing. Given the factors that vary from each event to the next, it's in your best interest to speak to the vendors directly.

38. How much do these vendors charge for their services?

We strongly suggest contacting the vendors to obtain the most accurate pricing. Given the factors that vary from one event to the next, it's in your best interest to speak to the vendors directly.

39. How many bathrooms are there?

There are four bathrooms inside The Foundry. A handicapped-accessible bathroom is located on the ground floor as well as a separate ladies' room (containing two stalls) and a men's room (also two stalls). There is also a unisex bathroom located on The Mezzanine.

40. Is The Foundry wheelchair-accessible?

The Foundry has a wheelchair ramp leading into the space, as well as a handicapped-accessible bathroom. Please note The Mezzanine and The Foundry Terrace are only accessible by stairs at this time.

41. Is someone from The Foundry here during the event?

There are at least three Foundry staff members: a doorman, hostess, and street attendant are present during the entire event.

42. What does The Foundry's host/hostess do?

Our on-site hostess will be inside The Foundry attending to duties before, during, and after the event. Prior to guests arriving, our hostess assists with setup in numerous ways, some of which include: ensuring all The Foundry furniture is in place as directed in the floor plan; helping vendors with any questions or concerns upon arrival; directing deliveries to the proper area (kitchen, mezzanine, courtyard, etc.); setting up The Courtyard (if you should decide to rent it); assisting DJ/band/etc. with plugging into our speaker system; taking phone calls (guests calling for directions, etc); maintaining temperature control in the space; overseeing the in-house lighting; directing vendors as to where to dispose refuse; maintaining the cleanliness and supplies in the bathrooms; assisting the doorman at the end of the evening with guests who may need car services; overseeing the general cleanliness of the space during the event; shutting down the facilities; collecting any lost items after the guests are gone; etc

43. What does The Foundry's doorman do?

Our doorman is stationed on 9th Street in front of The Foundry's main entrance. He welcomes your guests as they arrive and informs any drivers of available parking on 9th Street. It's a very quiet neighborhood, but many guests are unfamiliar with Long Island City. His presence is a way of reassuring them that their vehicles will be fine. He will also assist your guests at the end of the evening by contacting local car services for anyone who might need a cab. If a guest has to leave early and needs a car, they can simply ask him. He will also call car services and schedule as many cars as necessary to pull up to the space at the end of the party, significantly reducing wait time.

44. What does The Foundry street person do?

An additional staff member will be stationed on 9th Street to assist guests in finding suitable parking spaces and will also monitor the blocks where Foundry guests' cars are parked.

45. Is there a coat-check person?

We provide a coat-check room supplied with hangers and tickets. We suggest asking your caterer if they assign one of their wait staff to the coatroom. Otherwise, The Foundry can hire a coat-check person for $150.

46. How do guests get here? Where do they enter?

Most guests drive or arrive by cab. Sometimes clients will contact the hotel where a number of guests are staying and make arrangements for a passenger van or bus to transport them to and from the event. Guests enter the space through the large door on 9th Street.

47. What's the parking situation?

Street parking is available for your guests. There are no parking meters or street regulations. The Foundry's street attendant will guide your guests towards available parking.

48. What if guests need a cab at the end of the event?

If a guest should need a cab at the end of the evening, our doorman will see to contacting a cab company located in the neighborhood. Approximate wait time for a car is 5-15 minutes.

49. How far is the walk from the subway?

There are several trains within an 8-10 minute walk from The Foundry. The closest subway lines are the E, G, M, N, W, 7 and F.

50. Why are there skylights in the stairwell, dressing room and mezzanine bathrooms?

These skylights cap the top of The Foundry's original chimneys. The stairwell, dressing room and mezzanine bathrooms occupy former chimney shafts.

51. Can I bring my family or vendors to see the space?

Of course. We simply ask that you make an appointment with our office.

52. What if my caterer, DJ, photographer, etc. has never been there before?

It is a good idea for a vendor who is unfamiliar with the space to visit The Foundry. The Foundry requires any caterer who has not worked in the space to do a walkthrough with their client and a Foundry staff member at least 6 weeks prior to the event. They can contact our office to make an appointment for a site visit. You do not have to accompany them.

53. What's the lighting like?

Most of The Foundry's lighting is on track dimmers and can be adjusted throughout the event to enhance the ambiance. Most clients do not bring any additional lighting other than votive candles (ideally we recommend 150-200 votives). The Courtyard is lit at night with spotlights that feature the surrounding buildings. Tents come with globe lighting that can be dimmed.

54. Are there any restrictions on decorations?

Confetti, rice, sparklers, smoke machines, helium balloons, and flower petals are not allowed. Candles must be contained in a cup, hurricane lamp, or on a base. Items may not be placed in the fountain. Any ornamentation attached to brickwork must be done without nails, screws, or staples. Tape, or other adhesives may not be used on The Courtyard's flagstones.

55. Are you dog friendly?

You are more than welcome to bring along canine companions (as long as they are curbed properly on 9th Street).

56. Who does the decorating?

The decorating is usually done by one of three parties, depending on expertise and ultimately what you decide to do. Florists are often hired to decorate the space, though sometimes the family/friends of the client will setup items. Some caterers will also do some minor decorating (ask them in advance).

55. Who is responsible for cleaning the space? Do we bring in a cleaning crew?

Your caterer and/or decorators are responsible for breaking down their items at the end of your event. We ask they essentially leave the space the way you found it. Once they leave, The Foundry has a professional cleaning crew that arrives afterwards to go over the fine details. You do not need to hire a separate cleaning crew.

56. Is there a sound system available?

The Foundry can offer use of their in-house sound system, for an additional rental of $400. The system consists of 4 JBL mounted speakers, sub-woofers, a handheld wireless microphone and mic stand. Your DJ can tie in their mixer or turntables with our RCA hook-up, or you can opt to plug in a MP3 player or laptop. For an additional $200, The Foundry can also outfit The Courtyard or Greenhouse with speakers for an additional $200. An iPod can be plugged into the Terrace speakers.

57. Do you have a DVD projector and projection screen?

Yes. The projection screen is mounted above The Courtyard doors. The screen can be pulled down to The Courtyard's door handle and covers the width of the doors. The DVD projector is mounted underneath the middle platform of the mezzanine. The projector package is available to rent for an additional $350. Neither the projector nor the projection screen can be moved.

58. Can I drop off items the day before?

Some small items such as wine and liquor can usually be dropped off prior to the event. The Foundry has very limited storage space, so we can only lock up a few items.

59. What's the timing situation?

The Foundry offers 12 hours for the rental rate. These 12 hours should cover time for setup, the event itself, and breakdown. The curfew for your guests and music is 12:30AM. At 12:30AM, the guests will depart the space and your vendors can begin breaking down. The vendors will have until 2:00AM to clean up and leave the space. The guest curfew can be extended for an overtime charge of $1,000/hour.

60. Can I set up my event the day before free of charge?


61. How long does setup and breakdown take?

Depending on your table arrangements and decorations, setup can take anywhere from 2-4 hours. Caterers typically arrive 2-3 hours prior to the guest arrival time to begin setting up tables, chairs, etc. The typical breakdown period is 1-1.5 hours.

62. Is smoking permitted?

Smoking is not permitted inside The Foundry, but your guests may smoke in The Courtyard or on The Foundry Terrace. If neither outdoor area has been rented, guests may smoke outside the main entrance on 9th Street where standing ashtrays will be provided.

63. When can I come in for a tour?

Tours are conducted by appointment, although periodically The Foundry offers open houses. Please call The Foundry's office at (718) 786-7776 for details.

64. Do you have floor plans?

Floor plans for the space can be found on our website at:

65. Is there a separate entrance for my vendors to load in?

Yes. There is a ground-level loading entrance to the kitchen located at 42-32 9th Street. Depending on the timing, vendors can also load into the space through The Courtyard's doors.

66. Is there more than one event at The Foundry on the same day?

The Foundry only books only one event per day.

67. How do I find out if my date is available?

We have an online calendar that is updated daily so you can see which dates are available. You can access this calendar at:

68. How do I hold a date at The Foundry?

The Foundry can reserve a date for you as a notification hold at no charge. This hold entails placing your name and contact information on a date for 7 days. The courtesy of this hold is that we will not book the date with another client during that 7-day period without notifying you first, giving you the option to book the date by sending in a deposit. The hold is released after 7 days.

69. How do I book a date at The Foundry?

A 50% deposit is due upon booking a date at The Foundry. The Foundry can accept checks, money order, or cash as forms of payment. We cannot accept credit cards. The remaining balance is due the day of the event.

70. How far in advance do I need to book a date at The Foundry?

You can book up to 72 hours in advance of your event.

71. What forms of payment do you accept?

The Foundry accepts checks (personal or certified), money orders, and cash. We cannot accept credit cards.

72. Is there a cancellation policy?

Notice of cancellation is required at least six months prior to event. A cancellation fee of $500 will be charged. If the event is cancelled less than six months prior to the event, a cancellation fee of $1,500 will be charged. If the event is cancelled less than two months prior to the event, The Foundry will keep 50% of the total rental fee.

73. Is there air-conditioning and heating inside The Foundry?


74. Who does the decorating?

The decorating is usually done by one of three parties, depending on their expertise and ultimately what you decide to do. Florists are often hired to decorate the space, though sometimes the family/friends of the client will set up items. Some caterers will also do some minor decorating (ask them in advance).

75. Do I need to hire an event planner or day-of coordinator?

The Foundry offers an in-house Day of Coordinator, but we recommend hiring your caterer first as many catering companies offer extensive services that most planners would undertake. Our in-house Day of Coordinator fee is $1500. For inquiries, please email Jose @ for more information.

76. Is there a valet?

You can hire a valet parking service if you wish. Since parking is easily accessible, valet services are rarely used here at The Foundry.

77. Am I allowed to hold a rehearsal at The Foundry?

A rehearsal can be held at The Foundry, however, we cannot confirm the date and time until about a week beforehand in case we book another event or a film or photo shoot.

78. Is there any other spaces where we can take photos?

Yes. One option is to rent The Foundry Terrace for a half-hour for $250. In addition, The Du Val Terrace is also available for wedding photos for $500 (max 30 people) only. The Rooftop Terrace is a privately-owned 4,000 square foot garden with breathtaking views of both Manhattan and the 59th Street Bridge.

76. What does your in-house Day of Coordinator do?

For $1,500, Jose, our in-house day of coordinator will consult, help create a wedding timeline, and handle wedding-day details from start to finish as late as a month prior to your event.
Prior to your event:
• You will have a one-hour meeting with your coordinator to create a wedding-day timeline. As a Foundry employee, they will recommend venues, vendors, and advice based on your specific needs. Will explain A6 Event Experience (anticipation, arrival, atmosphere, appetite, amusement, appreciation). Review all vendor contracts and confirmation of vendor services 1-2 weeks prior to the wedding day. Unlimited email and telephone questions 2 weeks prior to the event.
Day of:
• Follow-up that all deliveries are made on time • Assist the bridal party in getting ready, and ensure everyone is aware of their roles, cues, etc.
• Ensure marriage license and rings are present for the ceremony
• Consultant’s services on the wedding day for a maximum of 12 hours
• Provision of complete wedding emergency kit
• Supervision of clean-up and monitoring that all gifts go to the right place
• Personal management of the wedding day itinerary, vendors, and the wedding party
• $200 deposit at signing of contract with balance due on the wedding day