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Introducing Holiday Parties!


Foundry Wedding from Christina Szczupak

We’re thrilled Style Me Pretty has picked up one of our favorite weddings this year! A minimalist approach to the traditional Hindu affair with whites, golds and greenery galore. A sort of urban garden party, if you will. For full article, go here.


22 Of The Coolest Places To Get Maried in America

How stoked are we? According to BuzzFeed, The Foundry made the list of, “22 Of The Coolest Places To Get Married In America” at #20!! Not only did we make the list, but we are the only NYC venue to have done so. Personally, there are so many venues out there that we admire, so we are flattered to say the least! Thank you BuzzFeed! For the rest of the BuzzFeed’s list, go here.


Happy Birthday!

Today The Foundry turns 107! Still looking good after all these years - Happy Birthday!! Cheers to 107 more...

2013 & New Year's Resolutions?

Article by: Jose

We at The Foundry want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Even though some folks think resolutions can be dangerous, I still thought it would be fun to ask some of our favorite vendors what their big plans are for 2013 and if they have any resolutions. Rest assured I’ll be checking in on them come late December, so stay tuned! In the meantime…

Jessie @ Rountree Flowers: This year I'm going to live with my heart a bit more open to everyone and everything. My new puppy is teaching me all about how easy that truly is and about all the rewards that come with that.

Trent @ Trent Bailey Photography: This year I'm embracing the concept of monthly 30 day challenges. My first month’s challenge is to give up all caffeine which will be tough with my latte habits!

Ang Weddings and Events
Tzo Ai @ Ang Weddings and Events: After six years in the Flat Iron District, in 2013 I am excited to move to the Upper West Side.  My new year's resolution is to remember to stop and smell the roses more often and celebrate our successes.

Screen Shot 2013-01-02 at 4.59.31 PM
DJ Gaza @ 74 Events: My goal is to get involved in more non-profit or charity work. 

Christine @ 74 Exquisite Affairs Productions: Spend a lot more time with my loved ones.  It's difficult finding a work-life balance, especially when the world of weddings operates on a completely different schedule than those 9-5'ers.  I want to give 100% to my clients and 100% to my friends and family, and know that it exists out there - just need to find it!

Screen Shot 2013-01-01 at 1.14.59 PM
Sierra & Juliet @ Poppies & Posies: Sierra: We just figured this out the other day. Mine is to balance work and play, and Juliet’s is to listen more, talk less. As a company we're looking forward to traveling a lot in 2013. Of course there will be plenty of fun stuff happening here in the NYC area too! 

Chef Rossi @ The Raging Skillet To not postpone JOY! Life is short and no one knows how long they have. I want to embrace and share joy as much as I can get and as much as I can give. Bring in the rocking new year with JOY BABY! As to my big plans? I plan on spreading myself around like peanut butter! What else?

David @ Expressway Music DJ’s We are still so happy that the law now allows same sex couples to be legally married! We want to continue to DJ more and more same sex weddings in 2013! As for resolutions, I am going to try to DJ more charity events this year (we did 5 last year).
Sharon @ SB-Beauty First, challenge myself artistically with bolder choices in fashion shoots. Second, continue to streamline my process so that I can better serve clients AND have more Sharon time.

Karen Wise @ Karen Wise Photography: Meditate daily. Yoga at least 2 times per week. Celebrate accomplishments! Be gentle to myself, and to others, when things don't go as planned. Hire a studio manager to help with my work-load. Blog more! Put down my work at a more reasonable hour to spend more time in the park. Continue to eat healthy (gluten, dairy and refined-sugar free) but don't beat myself up if I cheat on occasion. Finally, spend more time with my family + friends who live out of town or even just 1 hour away.

Daniel Krieger
Daniel @ Daniel Krieger Photography For 2013, I want to continue to grow my wedding business and try to reach 75 weddings booked in a year for me and my associates. I want to blog more and shoot a bit more for my personal work and take a few more vacation days! I pretty much worked around the clock in 2012!

Screen Shot 2013-01-01 at 6.00.09 PM
Sarah @ Saipua Growing more flowers on our farm upstate for our events & weddings!

Yen @ Real Food Catering In 2013 I want to explore more flavors.  To go beyond the taste scope I know and create new combinations through my travels and share them with friends and clients.  I plan to dig further into the myriad of art and culture that the city has to offer.  And come Spring, I'm adopting a puppy from the North Shore Animal League.  I'm sure the puppy will sidetrack all my planned resolutions.:)

Lauren @ Loli Events My goal is to continue to expand Loli Events in Paris and hope to find those NYC couples wanting to tie the knot in the city of lights. For a resolution? Stress out less and don't take everything on myself. Patiently train and teach my staff so that we can be an even more productive and successful team.

eric-visa 2
Eric @ Eric Visa NY DJ For 2013, I think I’m going to try and get back to basics. I will probably be streamlining my DJ offerings and subcontracting all the AV and lighting so that I can just focus on the music. To do so, I’ll try and leverage all the industry relationships that I’ve built with other vendors over the years.

Melanie @ Melarosa My 2013 mantra which was taken off of a refrigerator magnet, "Life Begins at the end of your comfort zone”. My resolution is to challenge myself physically and get to the next level. I believe this will help me accomplish my goals in all areas of my life.

Leslie @ Marcey Brownstein Professionally, my resolution is to continue to experiment in our kitchen, work with my team and my chefs to create even more exciting dishes that truly reflect our clients, their style, and their vision. Plus, we want to plant more herbs and veggies in our upstate garden! Personally, I have resolved to try to let my inner planner take a little break for the week of my wedding in India and let my mother-in-law take care of all the details without trying to take over.  It will be very hard to do this, especially because they have already vetoed my suggestion of riding in on an elephant (apparently it's taboo for the bride not to walk in looking demure), but I have promised to try. Things may go wrong on this special day, but when they do, look at your love and remember that this is just a party, a party celebrating how much you love each other.  Even if there aren't elephants!

Video Corner - West Elm + Kinfolk

Video by: West Elm + Kinfolk
Where to find him:
Event: A How-To on Video Dinner Gathering

We recently came across this video that was shot by West Elm and Kinfolk. West Elm along Kinfolk and
Jewels of New York came to The Foundry to create and film a how-to guide on having an intimate holiday dinner. Check out the video!

Here’s a twist for your wedding day! Ever think of having a video that feels nostalgic, aesthetically beautiful and archival? Meagan Hill and crew over at Hello Super 8 have a style that’s charming and unexpected. Click below to see Liz & David’s wedding…

Liz & David's super 8 wedding film: The Foundry, NYC from Hello Super 8 on Vimeo.

A Q&A For We Love Photobooths

Screen Shot 2012-08-23 at 1.41.23 PM

Who: We Love Photobooths
Duo: Guy & Gordon
Where to Find Them:
Why We Think They’re Cool: Uh, how could they not be??
Interview by: José

OK, we at The Foundry are a little obsessed with photo booths! The girls and me have a fair share of pics sprawled all over our desks and are always there to put smiles on our faces in the middle of a busy work day in the office. Hands down, one of our favorites is We Love Photobooths! Simply put - they just get it! Always great to work with, got killer backgrounds, but most importantly TONS of fun! I thought it was time to interview Gordon & Guy to see what’s going on with this latest craze and why it’s a must-have at your event…

Screen Shot 2012-08-23 at 1.40.47 PM
Foundry: So I guess the first obvious question would be, "How did you start We Love Photobooths?"
Gordon:  Way back in the last millennium (1999, really...) the boyfriend/girlfriend duo of Ben Fraser and Laura Miller started the wedding-photography company Weddings By Two. Life was good, photography was good, love was good! Good enough to get married themselves. In 2004, they set up an 8x10-inch Polaroid camera at their close friends' wedding and cranked out about 100 8"x10" Polaroids (for those who don't know, that is a lot!). Little did they know that this would be the beginning of a new adventure into the world of photo booth happiness—and the creation of We Love Photobooths.

Screen Shot 2012-08-23 at 1.40.28 PM
F: Why do you think photo booths have come back in style? 
G: While a lot has changed since the early days of photobooths -- we believe that candid photographs and luscious prints never went out of style. Advances in digital imaging have made the photobooth experience not only portable, but also able capable of producing larger volumes of work.  But one thing hasn't changed: guests will love receiving tangible mementos to recount an evening of celebration and fun.

Screen Shot 2012-08-23 at 1.42.02 PM

F:Tell me more about We Love PhotoBooth and its services. I know you guys provide books and stuff, right?
G: Yes! We include a lot in our $1400 rate. The book is a really nice 7x7 inch book that contains all the images from the event and when we say all, we mean all, the good bad and partially clad! We also include unlimited prints at the event, an online gallery where all the photos are free to download and a CD that contains all the hi-res photos.

F:  What's the craziest pic you've seen come out of that machine? 
G: Our lawyer advised us against answering this question :)

F:  Do you ever jump in yourself just for kicks? 
G:  Of course! The photobooth is contagious -- it's tough for our technicians to not join in on the fun, from time to time!...

F: K, last question, if a nudist camp called you for hire, would you do it?
G: Let me think about this for a second... Yes!
GordonWLPB Guy
Guy & Gordon (above) We Love Photobooths Promo (below)

Featured Couple

rodrigo and samantha

Rodrigo & Samantha
Lives: Manhattan
Married: July 2nd, 2009
Photographer: Frederico Rodriguez

Today is the three year anniversary of Rodrigo & Samantha! We thought it would be fun to catch up with them and ask them a few of our favorite questions...

Where did you meet? We started going out in 1997, but we knew each since we were little because i grew up with her cousin back in Brazil.

How did you propose? Were you nervous?
I proposed to her on a 27th floor of the W hotel overlooking Park Avenue and I was so nervous! I had the room filled with roses, and had a ticket of the carnival where we kissed for the first time on a bed with the ring. When she fist walked into the room I got down on my knee and popped the question--than she started crying.

Why did you guys choose The Foundry?
We choose the foundry because it felt right when we went to see it after a few months looking around. The Foundry was our favorite place-it felt right.

What was it like seeing Samantha walk down the aisle?
When I first saw her walking down the aisle I cried like a baby! She was the most beautiful women I had ever seen.

What's life been like since? Life has been great with us! We are extremely very happy together.

Season Finale of HBO "Girls"

When: This Sunday @ 10pm!
Why We Think It’s Cool: Looks like we’re highlighted quite a bit!

We're SUPER excited for The Season Finale of HBO GIRLS! In the preview (below) Ray reads a text message from Jessa, "Please come to most important party of my life!" Next you see The Foundry's Courtyard & Interior - SWEET!! Don’t forget to set your DVR!

Photographer's Pic

Photographer: Jacob Arthur
Where to find him:
Event: Liz & Nick’s Wedding (8.20.11)

Jacob’s thought on this photo: "With Liz and Nick we had planned to spend some time walking around Long Island City taking pictures of just the two of them before the wedding. There were a few delays while they were getting ready though, so by the time we actually got there, we just had a few minutes to make some great photos of the two of them. Luckily the walls for the Foundry with the ivy growing on them make for a really lovely backdrop. We snuck around the corner and spent just a couple minutes to take some photos of the two of them. This ended up being one of my favorites."

Video Corner - Twin Shadow


Video by: Milk Studios
Original Score by: Twin Shadow
Director: Michael Belcher
Where to find him:
Article by: Jose

Check out the cool video filmed at The Foundry! Although The Foundry doesn’t show up until 3:10, we think it’s worth the wait! Artistically & musically an incredible piece of work. Click below play…

8 Questions with DJ David Swirsky

david Swirsky_DJ-At_the_foundry

Who: David Swirsky
Craft: DJ/Founder of Expressway Music
Lives: NYC
Where to Find Him:
Why We Think He’s Cool: He’s a DJ without a God complex!
Interview by: José

Foundry: So I guess the first obvious question would be, "How did you become a DJ?"
DJ David: My folks had MANY parties while I was growing up and at the age of 8 I was the designated DJ for them. I took to it naturally because since the age of 3 I was asking my mother to take me to the record store to buy music. Growing up I learned as much as I could about who wrote what song and what instruments were used on each recording. In high school and college I read every copy of Billboard from cover to cover. My family was/is very involved in mother was a musician, my brother is a welll known songwriter and I have many of my original songs in television movies. Here is a link to some of my original songs:
I am just as passionate sharing my musical knowledge as I am creating a new song…being a dj has allowed me to combine two of my strongest skills: putting music together for diverse groups/crowds and analysing a live event… making people happy is the biggest reward to me.
F: Tell me about Expressway Music.
D:  I started Expressway Music in the Summer of 1992 focusing in on Disc Jockeys, Live Music and Karaoke. While we are hired for all types of events the majority of the events we do are Weddings, Corporate events and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. Our staff of DJ's and Musicians are so passionate and dedicated to what they do. I am very fortunate to work with people I deeply admire and respect.
F: So, DJ's in the industry have a reputation for having a God complex.  Working with you, you're the furthest from it. What gives? Have the DJ Gods shunned you to be mortal?
D: I am focused on Customer/Client Service and Music. I don't understand inflated egos and never did. Actually if you are Albert Einstein, Paul McCartney or Martin Luther King then I'm fine if you have a huge ego but not for what we do.
F: Amen! So,you've been in the game for a long time.  How would you say the music scene has changed for DJ's?
D: I think right now is the best time for dj's. MP3 Technology finally allows us the tools to completely be able to concentrate on what we need to concentrate on and that is picking the best possible song to play next instead of going thru record crates and cd books searching for an album or cd to find a song you may not even use. Now you can test 5,6,7 songs before you choose what to play next. Musically, the last few years has produced the best dance music since the 70's in my opinion…songs from David Guetta, Pitbull,  and many more artists have kept guests dancing longer and with more energy. Producers are also getting much more prolific and becoming experts at what they do which is knowing subtle ingrediants to songs that make people dance without them necessarily knowing why.Again, David Guetta, Will I am are great at this as are many others.
F: Once, I asked if you knew how to infuse other cultures, like Latin music into a wedding.  You said, "If you don't know how to mix Latin music, then you've never DJ'd in New York." What if I told you Frodo & Samwise were having a wedding - Hobbit style!  Can you still bring the house down? 
Haha. Yes. I believe there is a KEY to every crowd. Pre Party preparation helps a lot by asking the client general information(age, ethnicity, where they're from) about their guests and of course asking the client their own preferences. However, no amount of preparation  matters if you can't read the party as it's happening and if you can't put together the music quickly that reflects the crowd you're in front of. I am VERY skilled at this.
F: You've DJ'd some of the best venues in NYC.  How is The Foundry different  from some of the others you've done.  
D: Well I'm pretty certain it's the only Steel Foundry that's been converted to a 1st rate event venue …possibly in the Country??  All kidding aside, the Foundry has Heart and Soul and character…..
I personally love the fact that the Foundry keeps upgrading it's space like the new greenhouse and the new flooring. I also really appreciate it when I am there you(Jose) and Allison(owner)always make me and my staff feel so welcome. Feeling like I'm part of the family there certainly makes the client have an even better party!!!
F: You’re sweet. Thank you. Tell me, how do you unwind after each gig? 
D: It depends what time the gig ends(day or night)…most end late at night in which my lovely wife Katherine always has my favorite foods available which I eat while watching repeats of Criminal minds, The Voice or while playing facebook Scrabble!!
F: Last question - can you try and list me ten of your favorite albums?
D: Wow. That’s tough. I’ll tell you what, you can really get to know what music I personally listen to by listening to my weekly podcast "Music First with DJ Dave Swirsky" found at: Beware of the many diverse styles of music(everything from Jay z to Hector Lavoie to the Beatles)

F: Looking forward to it!


Photographer's Pic

Photographer: Stephanie Reinish
Where to find her:
Event: Allison Cunningham & Demetrios Marras
Article by: Jose

Stephanie was not only here on Saturday, but came again on Sunday for Allison and Demetrios wedding, and did a fantastic job! Here she was able to capture this gorgeous couple using our Terrace as a backdrop…

Stephanie Reinish

Feature - Style Me Pretty

Who: NYC Elopement Inspired Photo Shoot
Article by: NA. Blair of Style Me Pretty
Photo Shoot by: Firefly Events
Photographs by: Jana Williams
Video by: Tree of Life Films
Where to Full Article:

Settle in lovelies because your morning is about to go to the next level of pretty thanks to this make-your-heart-happy shoot dreamt up by Firefly Events. The Foundry sets the stage for this whimsical New York City elopement – and believe me when I say, we would be just as giddy as can be if this shoot inspires one of you to do something similar. The cakes alone by Elegantly Iced make us want to do a high kick or two, and that is just the beginning of all the pretty captured by Jana Williams Photography. The gallery is full of even more high kick inducing pretty, but make sure you scroll down for a fab behind the scenes film by Tree of Life Films and cocktail recipes from By Brooklyn too! Cheers!







For full article and more photos go here.

In Full Bloom

Event: Spring is here!
Article & pics by:

As we're gearing up for another busy season at The Foundry, we’ve noticed
the ivy at The Foundry has kicked in earlier this year! We’re not complaining…IMG_2668

Poppies and Posies Does it Again!


Event: Poppies & Posies Dinner Party
Where: The Foundry
When: March 22, 2012
Photos by: Jen Huang
Post by: Jose
Written by: Sierra & Juliet @
Poppies and Posies

OK, Last year, Poppies and Posies hosted quite the dinner party, and last Thursday they came back and did it again! Not only did we have the same kick-ass players--Michael Stuart NY, Jen Huang Photography, and Bryn Chernoff from Paperfinger, but we had returning guests and newbies as well. Allison, Jules, and I couldn’t have imagined them topping last year, but they took this whole shindig to a whole other level, including a 10 course meal that was an ‘ode to salt’! WHUT?! Who does that? Apparently Michael Stuart does!

Special guests included:
Shira Nevada - editor from
Martha Stewart
David Bowen - owner of
Bowen & Company
Lauren Sozmen - of Loli Events
Heather Lee - editor of
Brides Magazine
Lea Brumage -
Marcy Blum
Eyal Tessler -
In Any Event
Tzo Ai Ang - Ang Weddings & Events

Here’s what Sierra & Juliet from
Poppies and Posies had to say about the event…

When putting together this dinner party we were inspired by Provence.  Not only the unfussy approach we associate with a traditional provencal kitchenscape but also the emphasis on the ingredients in the making of a dinner party.  That theme carried over not just to the food, appropriately an 'ode to salt' by Michael Stuart-NY, but also to the design.  Instead of amassing huge amounts of decor to overwhelm the already beautiful setting of the Foundry's greenhouse, our aim was to keep things fresh, simple, and well executed.  We sourced a vintage, grain sack table runner from a seller in Austria to drape the long dinner table. The floral arrangements we're placed on handmade wooden cake stands that appeared as to be were dark wooden, footed vases once adorned with flowers. We we're so excited when we came across a collection of vintage oil lamps to use on the table for candlelight. They we're the perfect finishing touch to our cozy dinner table.

The flowers we're designed in loose, garden styled arrangements using local spirea, hellebores, garden roses, parrot tulips, and sweetpea. Deep burgundy clematis vine peppered the arrangements and added just the slightest pop of color to an otherwise delicate palette.  

All of the paper goods were, of course, designed by the fabulous
Paperfinger. We sourced zinc place cards for her to inscribe each guest's name on, which also served as a fun favor at the end of the evening. 


Lastly, one of our favorite elements were the gift boxes that we sent guests home with at the end of the evening. Inside each box was a collection of elements pulled together by the various vendors who participated. Paperfinger created custom stamps for each person and we sourced small swing top jars and filled them with Bolivian pink salt for guests use in their own culinary creations. Butter + Love gave each attendee a package of their sea salt, rosemary, and lavender shortbread (which is to die for btw) and shell co gave petit fours adorned with beautiful edible violas. The package was tied with bakers twine and a custom calligraphy tag.



Special Cocktail
Bombay Drop
Vodka, fresh lemon juice, cumin seeds, fresh
cilantro, sugar, kale namak salt, mint leaves

First Course
Cabin Cove Oyster
Mandarin Cucumber Mignonette

Salt - Shinkai Deep Sea Salt

Second Course
Wild Potagonean Red Shrimp Taco
mango salsa, avocado

Salt- Kilauea Onyx Sea Salt

Third Course
Marine Sea Scallop Ceviche
Lime, red Onion, Jalapeño Curl

Salt - Bolivian Rose, Andes Mountain Salt

Fourth Course
Blanched Spring Peas
Safron Créme Fraiche

Salt - Cyprus Hardwood

Fifth Course
Watermelon & Buratta
Mache, Cracked Pepper

Salt - Halen Món

Sixth Course
Smashed Fingerling Potato
Velvet Piopini Mushroom, Fried Qual Egg

Salt - Prussian Blue Sea Salt

Seventh Course
Braised & Grilled Pork Belly
White Bean Ragout, Fried Brussels Sprout

Salt - Maine Cherry Wood Smoked Sea Salt

Eighth Course
Flatiron Steak
Peppercorn Bordelaise, Fried Buttermilk Onion

Salt - The Meadows Pinot Noir Salt

Ninth Course
Blood Orange Panna Cotta
Blood Orange Reduction

Salt - Taha’a Vanilla Salt

Tenth Course
Roasted Nectarines
Sweet Mascarpone

Salt - Salish Alder Smoked Sea Salt

All photos by Jen Huang! More to come - stay tuned!

8 Questions with Sharon Becker

sharon becker

Who: Sharon Becker
Craft: Makeup Artist
Lives: NYC
Where to Find Her:
Why We Think She’s Cool: Even if you’re going on a game reserve in South Africa - Sharon’s got you covered!
Interview by: José

Sharon Becker and I have been friends for years! Something we share in common is we are both tenacious folks--we know what we want and go for it! As our careers have shifted, it’s no surprise that our professional lives have continued to cross paths at The Foundry this past year. Sharon has quickly become the go-to makeup artist for brides everywhere. She’s not only crazy talented, brilliant, and sexy, she’s passionately skilled and it shows!

Foundry: So I guess the first obvious question would be, "How did you become a make-up artist?"
Sharon Becker: I earned a BFA in Drama from NYU, and needed a job when I graduated. I didn’t want to wait tables, so I answered an ad in the NY Times for a makeup counter position for the holiday season. Prescriptives hired me! I rarely even wore makeup at that time, but it was an instant connect – I loved using the products, meeting and helping clients from all over the world. Even in a small way, I love to solve a little blemish problem and make my clients feel beautiful. I worked for that company for eight years, including four at Bergdorf Goodman - I’ve seen it all!

F: Tell me more about SB Beauty?
S: SB Beauty started when I finally heeded my true passion! My friends always encouraged me to do makeup as a profession, and I didn’t think it was possible. Of course, I was wrong. Once I went out on my own, I found that people responded to my love of the craft and my enthusiasm, so that’s what marks SB Beauty – it’s personal.

My focus includes bridal, of course, as well as makeup for commercial photo and video, fashion, and portraits. I do makeup and hair, and partner with a fabulous hairstylist for larger bookings.

F: How would you describe your style of make-up? 
S: “Look like yourself on your best day”. Individual and exact – I listen to my client and help translate her vision into reality. That said, for bridal and private clients, there is an overarching attention to beautiful skin, and enhancing each person’s best features. I want clients to look gorgeous up close, in a mirror, in the varied lighting of a venue like The Foundry and on camera.

In short, my style is fresh and polished which is always in fashion.

F: What's the most common mistake a bride makes with applying make-up? 
S: Not hiring a professional! Seriously, are you cooking the wedding dinner in your kitchen? No! Most brides have other jobs, which they do very well. They should hire a professional beauty team with experience, training, an extensive kit of quality materials, as well as an objective eye.

Relax and enjoy your day, and the company of your family and friends, while someone else makes you look and feel amazing.

I had a lovely bride last year who eloped to Africa! We did a makeup and hair trial, where I showed her how to replicate the best look for her on the game reserve. We took pictures, I suggested products and gave her a bun form for her hair. She then hired me to do her makeup and hair for her NYC reception, and she is one of my most beloved clients. She followed my instructions and did a good job! More importantly, she felt great on her big day. If you cannot hire an artist for the day, pay for an extensive consultation and lesson.

F:  Do you ever put make-up on the grooms? 
S: I certainly would, and often do “grooming” on male clients (including some Broadway celebrities), but most often my work is confined to the bridal suite. Many couples prep at different locations, which makes it logistically difficult for me to visit the groom. I have sent assistants to a groom’s suite to apply anti-shine primer, lip balm, corrector and concealer on spots, a touch of powder, and hair product. Always a great idea!
F: You've had to prepare clients for show's like Dr. Oz & The Today Show.  With HD television these days, do you find your job more challenging?
S: What’s funny is that bridal makeup is actually the most challenging of all! The professional photographers in NYC have such high-quality cameras that they catch EVERYTHING. In addition, the bride wants to be sexy for her husband (who often “hates makeup”), look great in daylight and candlelight, have her features pop from a distance – oh, and her makeup has to last all day. With my HD experience, I’m trained to correct/conceal, contour/highlight, and powder juuuust enough so that clients look human, but really damn good.

F:  You're known to be quite the networker.  What would you recommend to other make-up artists who are trying to make it out there?
S: Well, thank you! First, they have to know their stuff. There is no point in networking and marketing if you can’t custom-blend a foundation for any face in the world, or handle any client/situation. Assuming the artist is talented and experienced, she then has to have all of her materials in order (website, Facebook page, Twitter, business cards) and start within her own social and geographic circle. Meet fellow makeup artists, assist, shoot for free to meet photographers and get portfolio material, and network in the bridal arena. With persistence and a friendly, warm attitude, the results will come.

F:  K, last question.   Have you ever had a Bridezilla on your hands?
S: No, not really. Preparation is key. I pre-qualify brides with an extensive phone call to determine needs and see if we are a good match. Also, I insist on doing a trial to see if we are a fit (unless the bride is coming in from outside the country and simply cannot) and to let her see how her dream look works with her features. We share inspiration pictures before the trial, so that on the trial day we are assessing the reality of her skin and face, and she is determining if she likes having me work on her. I prepare my brides very thoroughly with what to expect from the bridal suite experience and my services. This way she is confident going into the big day and there is no meltdown in the makeup or hair department. Things outside of my control happen (oh, just ask!), but I always have nail and first aid kits, snacks, tunes, and jokes. The party starts in the bridal suite!

Screen Shot 2012-03-28 at 10.11.19 AM

Happy 106th Birthday!!


The Foundry - a 19th Century building where originally fine varnishes were manufactured before it housed The Albra Metal Foundry. Their logo is still visible on the corner of the building at 9th Street and 43rd Avenue. By 1906, it was one of several steel foundries in the Long Island City area that catered to the needs of New York City's riverfront manufacturers.
Pasted Graphic

By the 1970's The Foundry was essentially an abandoned space, housing defunct vehicles and a mountain of debris. In 1980 the Du Val family purchased the property. The family restored and renovated the space to reflect its original industrial character, and began hosting events in 2001. It is the only foundry in the area still standing today.

Laura Ryan

Featured Couple


Caroline & Andy
Married: October 15, 2011
Photos by: Jenny Jimenez
Article by: Jose

How did you meet? 
Andy and I met through a mutual friend many years ago in Seattle. We started dating when we both moved to the East Coast and realized that this amazingly compatible person had been right there for years and neither one of us had noticed.

How did Andy propose?
Andy proposed at a party on our friends rooftop in the East Village in summer just as the sun was setting. It was the same spot where we had our first kiss. He timed it perfectly. We had friends from Seattle in town and they were there along with all of our friends from NYC. Everyone was in on the secret but me. While he was popping the question, they were popping the champagne! We celebrated all night.

What was going through your mind when you were walking down the aisle?
Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god wow this is beautiful oh my god oh my god oh my god.

What was it about The Foundry that appealed to you?
The Foundry is an amazing space and we loved that we really got to do what we want with it. From the second we walked in the doors we knew it was the perfect place. The fact that the staff is amazing and incredible accommodating was the icing on the cake. They did so much to make our day run smoothly.

What's it been like since?
Great! I am secretly so relieved to not be planning a wedding anymore. It was so much fun to do and I wouldn't change a thing but there is a bit of mania that sets in, especially towards the end. It's been so nice to go back to our normal lives and having the biggest event-related decisions be things like which restaurant to go to for a dinner date or which movie to see.

What's next?
Sky's the limit.





Marcey Brownstein & Friends


A Friends & Family Dinner
Where: The Foundry
When: March 8th, 2012
Photos by: Evan Felts
Article by: Jose

What can we say? When Leslie from Marcey Brownstein Catering & Events tells us she wants to throw something special at The Foundry, we're not one to turn her down. Her mission was to create an intimate dinner with a few folks in the industry, who will not only be fun and add good energy to the soiree, but folks who can bring someone special--whether it's their husband, wife, significant other, or BFF. The night turned out to be a big hit!

Guests included, Katie and Gail from Broadway Famous Party Rental who provided us with their brand new barn tables and chairs! The table's metal base topped with a thick barn wood (that’s interchangeable) with Bentwood cross back weathered oak chairs was the perfect compliment to The Foundry's industrial look.
photo by Evan Felts

Jessie from
Rountree Flowers did not short on awe & decor for the evening! She provided the table with a collection of white lanterns and texturized ceramic containers, each holding flowers in shades of pink ranging from magenta to peachy pink to pale pink. The tall vases held single magnolia branches. In the low arrangements were sweet pea, garden roses, parrot tulips, frittilaria, peonies and touches of hellebores (one of Jessie’s favorite flowers). The runner was a natural linen with gold thread running through it.
photo by Evan Felts
photo by Evan Felts

For the menu, we had a six course meal along with wine pairings!

Amuse Bouche
Herbed Butter with Spring Radish
Chilled Cucumber and Tarragon Consomme, Tabasco Gel
Duck Liver Mousse, Blood Orange Gel

Wine pairing - Chevalier Fabre Brut Champagne
photo by Evan Felts

First Course
Hamachi Crudo, Spiced Mango Salad, Wasabi Tobiko, Shisho Puruee,
Passionfruit and Cara Cara Gel

Wine pairing - Chateau Masburel Montravel 2001

Second Course
Duo of Duck: Braised Thigh Stuffed with Rillette and Roasted Magret
Served with Warm Cucumber Salad, Roasted Onion and Salsify Puree,
Tamarind Coulis and Warm Duck Cracklings

Wine pairing - “Les Bons Batons” Domaine Ghislaine Barthod Bourgogne 2007

Third Course
Ramp-Butter Roasted Beef Marrow
and Star Anise-Infused Oxtail Marmalade Ravioli,
Buttered Toast and Rosewater Gelee

Wine pairing - Carignamissime de Centeilles Minervois 2007
Pasted Graphic 1
Fourth Course
Crisp Roasted Red Trout with Handmade Somen,
Lemongrass and Shiitake Broth

Wine pairing - Menetou-Salon Cuvee “Le Charmay” 2009

Pistachio Semifreddo, Chocolate Terrine, Raspberry Delice
Petit Fours from The Chef

Wine pairing - Quinta do Noval 20-Year Tawny Porto

The whole night was spent with good company, great food, heartfelt speeches, and even a little bit of dancing at the end. It was night to remember and we look forward to having everyone back soon!

Other guests included Jason from
Marcey Brownstein, Ellen Kostman of Sidekick Events, Carrie Sartor from Lyndsey Hamilton Events, Maria McBride of Brides Magazine, and of course myself, Val, Allison, Julie, Tim and Dagny Du Val from The Foundry!
photo by Evan Felts



Event: None in Particular
Where: The Foundry’s Greenhouse
Article by:

As we're gearing up for another busy season at The Foundry, we're prepping our spaces and redoing the floors! Here's a shot of The Foundry's Greenhouse after Val, our building manager, went to town with it! Not bad, huh?


8 Questions with Eric Visa

Eric Visa

Who: Eric Visa
Craft: DJ
Where to Find Him:
Why We Think He’s Cool: He knows how to turn it out better than most!
Interview by: José

Eric Visa is one of a kind. Not only does he DJ at The Foundry more than most, but he’s got clients all over the US, UK, South East Asia and Africa! Watching him turn it out from one wedding to the next with his suave style, it was time to give him a little Q&A...

Foundry: So I guess the first obvious question would be, "How did you become a DJ?"
Eric Visa: I’ve been a DJ ever since I can remember. When I was growing up in Africa and couldn’t afford DJ equipment, I practiced mixing two songs by removing the player covers off my parents tape recorder and nudging the rolling tape with my fingers to match the beats. And as soon as I was old enough to hit the clubs, I pimped out my three sisters to the local DJs in exchange for valuable spinning time. OK, I’m just kidding. I DID NOT pimp out my sisters!
F: Nice! Tell me more about your company?
E: I actually started the company after I got laid off following 9/11. I had just moved to New York from London with my corporate job prior to the attacks, following which the company filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy! So I dashed back to the UK, shipped a handful of record (actual vinyl) and began spinning at local bars in Murray Hill to make ends meet. Shortly thereafter, I began getting requests to play corporate events and weddings. So I bought me some gear and expanded from there, offering everything from system rentals and music styling to corporate A/V and commercial system design & installations.
F: In the years you've doing this, how would you say the music scene has changed?
E: The big shift for me came in 2000, though I think every generation has something to say about “the good old days”. But I feel that starting in 2000, music in general began shifting from a previously creative and intelligent art form to an overly manufactured targeted product for the masses. You could almost see that pop artists were no longer interested in putting out great albums but more focused on that one hit that would make it to everyone’s ringtone! I remember when I first started DJing in public, you’d pop a record on and if folks didn’t recognize it, they’d come up to you and ask what it was and who was on it, and then they’d proceed to get up and get down to it! Nowadays, if they don’t recognize the tune they’re more likely to ask you to play something they can sing-along to (so they can secretly hold up Shazam and get the info!).
F: There's some incredible spaces out there.  How is The Foundry different from other spaces?
E: You mean besides the people? Ha! One of the reasons I love coming back to The Foundry is its sheer uniqueness. I’m yet to find a venue in New York that has that much history behind it. It’s amazing to me how the Du Vals have managed to bring out its traditional industrial character and transform it into this amazing event space without compromising that whole vibe. That, and the fact that I don’t have to bring a ton of speakers every time I play there. I can just use the superb built-in sound system!
F: How do you unwind after every gig?
E: I turn off my blackberry for 12 hours and then vacation on my couch!
F: Sounds perfect! Rumor has it you've also got a 9 to 5.  How has it been juggling that?
Eric Visa bridge
E: It’s been great, actually. I’m in IT management so it’s a completely different world, which makes all the difference. I couldn’t imagine, for example, being a DJ by night and then working in the music industry by day. Whenever I’m at my office job, I pretend that I’m on vacation from DJing, and whenever I’m DJing I just pretend I’m on vacation from my office job. Works like a charm!
F: Not a bad way to look at it. Have you ever had a Bridezilla on your hands?
E: Absolutely! I think every DJ that also does weddings has at some point in their careers. I had one who wanted to micro-manage the playlist so bad that she missed her cue for the first dance (she was too busing scrolling through my music library trying to dictate what I should play 3 hours from then!!!).

As a DJ, I think the worst thing you could do is ruin an entire party because of one individual. So I like to stress the importance of catering to the rest of the guests and not just that one individual. Then I sit back doing my thing in the hopes that they’ll come to that realization on their own, which is usually way after the fact when they get those rave reviews from their guests!

F: K, last question. Can you give me a list of your top 10 albums?
E: This is going to shock you because what I listen to isn’t necessarily what I play out. So here goes, in no particular order…
Amplified Heart – Everything But The Girl
Walking On  A Dream – Empire Of The Sun
Thriller – Michael Jackson
The Chronic – Dr. Dre
Aja - Steely Dan
It’s You, It’s Me - Kaskade
Club Classics Vol. 1 – Soul II Soul
Friends – Shalamar
When It Falls – Zero 7
Automatic For The People – R.E.M.

eric visa dj 2

Video Corner - Super 8 Style!

Video by: Hello Super 8
Where to find him:
Event: Liz & David’s Wedding
Article by: Jose

Here’s a twist for your wedding day! Ever think of having a video that feels nostalgic, aesthetically beautiful and archival? Meagan Hill and crew over at Hello Super 8 have a style that’s charming and unexpected. Click below to see Liz & David’s wedding…

Liz & David's super 8 wedding film: The Foundry, NYC from Hello Super 8 on Vimeo.

Photographer's Pic

daniel krieger

Photographer: Daniel Krieger
Where to find him:
Event: Jasmine and George’s Wedding
Article by: Daniel Krieger

Daniel is hands down one of our favorite photographer’s that come through the Foundry! He’s hip, in demand, and best of all, knows how to tell a good story through his lens. Time Out New York voted him Top wedding photographers in New York City! We can’t wait to see what he does next! Here’s a Victorian steampunk wedding he recently blogged about…

“What a special, unique wedding this was. When Jasmine and George came to me they told me about their Victorian, steampunk themed idea for a wedding, I tried to visualize it as we met but it wasn't until the day their wedding came I really got to see all the creativity and effort that they both put into this amazing wedding. From her seriously awesome hot pink hair and shoes to that stunning dress and the handmade timepiece lapels this wedding was just so kick-ass!

The Foundry in Long Island City provided a wonderful backdrop for their vision and from the DJ to the ceremony it was just one big awesome success.”




For more of Daniel’s brilliant pics of this wedding, check out the rest of the article here.

8 Questions with Christine Viola

Who: Christine Viola
Craft: Event Planner/Designer
Where to Find Her:
Why We Think She’s Cool: Because she knows exactly what to do if your dress catches on fire!
Interview by: José

Christine Viola is one of our personal favorites at The Foundry. She brings an energy and passion that’s unique to her own style, and all the events that her and her amazing team have produced at The Foundry has been nothing short of amazing. Not to mention, she was extremely supportive and helpful with helping me organize my first D.O.C. (Day-of Coordinator) gig at The Foundry back in August. She’s honest, brilliant, knows her craft, and we love her for it!

Foundry: So I guess the first obvious question would be, "How did you become an event planner/designer?"
Christine Viola:  It's all a blur, really...there may have been alcohol involved.  But in all seriousness, it all started right around the time I was planning my own wedding in 2005/2006.  I was climbing the corporate ladder in finance and really loved my 9-5 but constantly craved more.  I wanted the freedom and reward that all business owners desire and have; I wanted to make my own hours; I wanted to pick and choose my clients; and most importantly, I wanted to complete a job with the sense that I'd just changed something or someone in this world we live in.

On the recommendation of a few friends who said, "You're always planning everything for us.  Why not event planning?,"  I toyed with the idea for many months (while planning my own wedding), since it meant that I would have to say farewell to almost ten years of building my resume up in the world of finance.  After my wedding in April 2006, a friend of mine, Sylvia, asked me to coordinate her wedding.  Since I didn't have that much experience beyond my own wedding, I researched everything and anything wedding related.  Sylvia's wedding came and went without any hitches, and I enjoyed every single minute of planning it.  I loved negotiating with vendors, setting up timelines, confirming where everyone should be and and when, and then seeing it all come together flawlessly.  Sylvia's wedding led to three other friends' weddings that year, and EAP was born.

I started the business officially in June 2006, and by December I had already booked 12 events for the 2007 season.  Those weddings grew to double within the year, and that meant adding staff.  In came Tara and Laurie, and without them (also fellow 2006 brides) EAP would not be the success that it is today.

F: Tell me more about Exquisite Affairs.
C: EAP Inc. offers Wedding Planning, Day of Coordination, and a variety of creative services including custom designed invitations and stationery.  Imagine being able to just wake up to the wedding of your dreams and not worry about the ins and outs of what makes your wedding so beautiful. Our staff is dedicated to making your wedding day all yours and not about those stressful details that we will handle with the utmost care and devotion.

What EAP really strives for is to become a necessity rather than a luxury to brides.  There's always been an aura around wedding planners, and that you had to have a hefty budget to afford one. Well, we want EAP to be as important to a bride as having a photographer to document her day.  We want to keep our rates as affordable and competitive as possible, so that whatever the budget, a bride can come to us saying, "I have to have you" rather than "I wish I could afford to have you."

F: You have a lot of kick-ass packages.  What's your most popular? 
C:  We offer four levels of service:  Full & Partial Planning, Day of Coordination and Decor.  While we certainly book our fair share of each one, our most popular has to be our Day of Coordination, Something Blue package.  It includes just about everything a bride needs leading up to and on the day of the wedding.  It's also the package that's included in both our full and partial planning packages because it ties the day together perfectly.

F: What's the craziest request you've gotten? 
C:  To plan a New Year's Eve wedding in Times Square with an anticipated guestlist of 450 people (98% from outside of USA).  I declined.
F: You're known for your honesty.  Can you tell me a time when you've had to steer a bride straight?
C: Honesty is the best policy!  I'm hired to help clients plan the wedding of their dreams, and that includes the good/bad/ugly and everything else that comes with it.  I've never had to steer a bride straight per se, but if there's something that I just don't think will work (logistically, creatively, etc.), I will be honest and say the reasons why I don't think it'll work.  It's all about compromising and coming to a decision together that's going to work best for the overall event.

An example of this was when a bride really, really wanted to use alternating tablecloth colors.  I felt it didn't look as mature and refined as it could, and explained to her why.  The compromise was that we agreed on one color for the tablecloths, but brought in the other color she wanted through the chair cushions and napkins.  The bride and I were both really happy with the overall look in the end, and that's what matters.  She even thanked me after the wedding for steering her in the right direction.

F: How do you unwind after each gig? 
C:  With my hubby...or sometimes with Tara if Tara and I are working together that evening.  We don't discuss how the wedding went until the following day, enjoy a glass of wine, and my phone/email gets turned off!  It's leaving work at work and not bringing home the events of the day with you.

F: I love me some Tara by the way. I’m gonna have to grab a glass of wine with her soon. K, let me try to throw you off.  Pretend I was a bride on the day of..."Christine, my dress just caught on fire in the dressing room after I foolishly lit up a cigarette in the bride's room!   The wedding is in three hours!!   What do I do?

C:  You know better than to mention wedding and fire with me, right (referencing my December 17 wedding at NYAC, where there actually WAS A FIRE)????
To answer your question...I'd get you out of that dress, hand you a glass of champagne, and immediately leave the room to see what I could salvage of the dress (because we all know I don't carry around a perfectly fitted dress in my emergency kit).  If I were able to salvage some of the dress, albeit a shorter one, or less fluffy, then we would work it!  If it were completely destroyed, I would call up my friends at a local salon and see what I could get within two hours..and hopefully it would work out. 

I'm nervous even answering this question right now...just watch that happen!  Oh, and that "guest" that lit up the cigarette - well, let's just say they're in a cab on their way far, far away from the wedding.

F: K, last question.  What's your favorite part on the day of the wedding?  (Pre-wedding, ceremony, reception, etc.) 
C:  That single minute that the bride has all by herself right before she walks down the aisle.  Even if the couple has already had a "reveal" for pictures prior to the ceremony, that moment is really something special.  I usually encourage that time (right before the ceremony) for the bride to be alone and give her that minute to collect her thoughts, anticipate what's about to happen, and sometimes take a quick glance at herself and take it all in.  Emotions are always running at high-speed at that point, from nervousness to excitement to pure joy.  To be there and watch someone go through it as I did years ago...well, it's just my absolute favorite part of the wedding day.

F: BONUS QUESTION: What do you hope for in the new year?  Did you make any sort of New Year's resolution?
C: What I'm striving for in 2012 is to just continue what we have been doing, but better! Continue the one on one relations we have with clients and vendors. To continue learning more, educating ourselves to what's bigger and better out there and most importantly, to rock out amazing weddings!

Check out one of Christine’s Portfolio! Stay tuned for more down the road...

Happy Holidays!

We at The Foundry wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!


Photographer's Pic

Photographer: Brooke Fitts
Where to find her:
Event: Hannah and Ian’s Wedding

Screen Shot 2011-11-28 at 10.47.22 AM
Screen Shot 2011-11-28 at 10.44.51 AM

Press - Lauren Sozmen

Pasted Graphic

Who: Lauren Sozmen
Owner of: Loli Events
Article by:

Here at The Foundry, we LOVE us some Lauren Sozmen! Her and her team have been at The Foundry on more occasions than we can count, and she never disappoints! Read this great article by Marisa Lascala at Westchester Magazine…

How does a couple know if there's a need to hire a wedding planner?
The first thing couples should have is a feel for the type of location they want to get married in. If the location is more all-inclusive, like a hotel or a country club, they might not have as much of a need for full-service planning; they might just want someone for the day of. Otherwise, couples have to look at their lifestyle: how much time they have and how much stress they're under. Finding all the vendors, figuring out if they're legit, looking through the contracts, trying to find the best deal—planning a wedding can be like another full-time job. Hiring a planner can take away all that stress. And often couples make back the planner's fee because planners have leverage with vendors.

How far in advance should you hire a planner?
For full-service planning, a year is the maximum. More often, I'd say six to nine months is better. For day-of coordination, it's more like three months.

What duties can you reasonably expect a full-service planner to perform?
At first, a planner helps with booking all of the big vendors: the venue, ceremony location, florist, band, photographer. They go through the process of choosing the vendors and looking at the contracts. Once those are signed, then it's the fun step, the little details like place cards, invites, photo booths, and everything that makes the wedding personal to the couple. The last main responsibility is setting a day-of timeline, so all the vendors are on the same page and the event goes smoothly.

What's outside of the planner's purview?
A big one is the seating arrangement. I don't know if Aunt Susie can't handle sitting next to Uncle Bill. Also, once the event is over, the job is usually over. I've had brides call three months after the wedding and say, 'Can you get me a refund because I wasn't happy with this vendor?' and that's not something we do.

Once a couple decides they want to hire a planner, what's the best way to start searching?
A party planner's website really gives you insight into what he or she does and the overall feel of their types of events. But the best way is referrals and word-of-mouth.

You're ready to sign a contract. What should you look out for?
What happens if the planner gets sick or something happens the day of the wedding? Also, what's the cancellation policy if the wedding gets called off? No one wants to think about it, but you never know. It's also smart to ask if the planner makes any commission from the vendors. Certain planners end up making money twice, because they charge the couple and then they get a percentage back for bringing business to the vendor. I think that's unethical.

How can A couple make sure that a planner fits into the budget?
Look for someone who charges a flat rate. That's huge. You'll pay more if you have to pay a percentage of your overall wedding budget, and even more if you go by an hourly rate, because planners are always going to put in more hours.

What's the biggest mistake people make when planning a wedding?
The best way to really have the wedding you envision is by cutting your guest list. Do you think that person really cares about seeing you get married, or if you're inviting her because you have to or because someone will get mad if you don't? At the end of the day, each guest might cost an extra two hundred dollars. If you have five of those, that's a thousand dollars right there.

What is day-of coordination and how do you know if that's the best option?
Day-of coordination is for couples who have planned the whole wedding and feel confident about it, and just want to enjoy themselves on the day of the wedding. The planner acts as the point person on that day. In my opinion, it's a great investment just to have peace of mind.

Photographer's Pic

Photographer: Tory Williams
Where to find her:
Event: Adam and Eleni’s Wedding (10.14.11)

Torry’s thought on this photo: "Weddings at The Foundry are a photographer's dream—everywhere you look there's a beautiful image.  Heading outside for portraits I noticed the bride and groom's silhouettes coming through the door. Luckily I brought my wireless flash to recreate what were seeing, and a couple seconds later we had the best image of the night."

The Greenhouse Grows!

Photograph by: José
Where: The Greenhouse

We at The Foundry are thrilled that the ivy continues to grow beautifully in The Greenhouse! When Julie, Allison, or myself give tours to perspective couples, it’s one of the highlights they seem to love the second they step inside…